Best Boho style – interior and exterior decoration ideas

In recent years, we have a great resurgence of elements of boho-chic style . This tendency is based on collecting the art and memories of our lives to create a vibrant decoration full of colors.

Boho Chic Artdekorideen

To get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the boho style, we have to think of patterns and patterns in combination with works of art. A Bohemian decoration allows the use of objects from different eras, as long as the composition makes sense.

Original decorations with patterns in different shapes and colors

Colorful wall art and patterned cushions liven up the space, bringing out the old world charm with a touch of bohemian splendor.

Beautiful Bohemian style salon decoration

Following the model of the fashion world, interior designers and homeowners turn to this decorative style, which is appreciated to accept the world around us and to enjoy the search for interesting finds.

Original design of the Bohemian decoration in cold tones

Of course, the bohemian style has been significantly tightened to meet the diverse needs of a modern and urban lifestyle. But here you can see some amazing inspirations ranging from unadulterated bohemian to the most interesting boho chic.

Original kitchen decor with complementary colors

The mix of chic and unconventional style is modern and obviously the best way for many of us who already have a specific theme for home decor. This mix is ​​much easier to achieve than the classic bohemian style and also keeps the interior much more relevant.