Decoration of children’s rooms: fantasy walls

There is nothing more exciting than venturing into the world of decor of bedrooms for children. Hundreds should be the suggestions and also the disagreements. Although there is no doubt, it must be consensus and we must always listen to it. What styles are right for our kids, what are their hobbies or tastes?

These are the questions we always have to start from. Although our proposal for the decoration of children’s rooms today goes in a different direction.

Decoration of children’s rooms, yellow background

Choosing a wall that can serve as a mural. A wall where most elements of decoration are concentrated. For both the adolescent and the youngest, choose one from Wall As a center of visual stimulation has many points for it. It allows you to highlight everything that you like and make it more conspicuous. One variation that encourages creativity is the use of a chalkboard as a background.

Decoration of children’s rooms, blue camouflage

Decoration of children’s rooms with paintings

Themed design of the superhero