Man and Woman Hilarious Conversation

She: What would you do if I died?

He: To mourn you.

You: Long?

He: very long!

You: why?

He: (with a straight face) Because I love you and your loss would be very painful for me. Therefore!

She: (with a smile) That’s nice. – Would you marry again?

He: no.

You: (with a hurt expression) Why not? Are you not happy to be married?

He: Yes, I am.

She: So you would marry again?

He: (clears his throat) I think if I’ve mourned long enough and my life makes sense again, yes.

She: Would you sleep with her in our bed as well?

He: Would be appropriate, right?

She: Would you replace my picture with hers on your bedside table?

He: I would put both pictures.

She: You would also do sex with her? In our bed?

He: (takes a sip of coffee) Would certainly surrender … Yes.

She: Would you also play golf with her?

He: Yes, I would.

She: Would you give her my golf clubs as well?

He: No, she is left-handed.

You: ??????!!!?!!!!!

He: Sh …