Top 10 Christmas decorations For Outdoor on This Christmas Eve 2018

The decoration of the interior at Christmas is as important as the decoration of the garden during these parties. This contributes to the expansion of the Christmas spirit and the creation of a festive atmosphere very appropriate for these days. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the exterior Christmas decoration that you can make with figures if you live in a house. On the other hand, those who live in a flat we advise you to bet on the lights to decorate your exterior.

Christmas decoration outside

A very original and typically Spanish idea for outdoor Christmas decoration is the placement of the Nativity Scene. In your garden you can put the figures of Mary, Joseph and the child to decorate it. To be seen at night you can roll some Christmas bulbs around the figures.

Decorating the exterior of your house with the figures of the Nativity Scene

On the other hand, you can also make a larger Bethlehem with more figures and you can also build a small house behind the figures and create the scene of the birth of Jesus. In addition to the human figures you can add figures of animals and angels and decorate them with lights to shine at night.

A very modern and elegant deer with lights to decorate the garden

A Christmas decoration for very original and modern exteriors are deer. These figures will increase the style and elegance of your garden. You can also choose some figures with built-in light bulbs. In this way you will not have to add them. On the other hand, we must also bear in mind that at night when the bulbs illuminate the figure if there is snow the lights will be reflected in its white color and the lighting will be higher.

A very original decoration for the garden at Christmas with figures with lights

You can also choose some Christmas decorations for a deer garden, a male and another female deer. Usually, these figures also come with built-in lights and you can add other decorative details if you do not have like the red necklaces that you see in the photo above. With these figures you will also increase the Christmas lighting of your home.

Some pigeons for the decoration of the exterior of your house

On the other hand, the figures in which you can stop can also be some pigeons in a position to take flight or land. You can choose a pigeon simply to place it in your garden or you can choose two pigeons. The two doves, like the two deer, can symbolize the love of the family and the cozy atmosphere of the interior. In this way, the exterior Christmas decoration will convey more sentiments and sensations than traditional decoration.

Decorating the garden at Christmas with cartoon characters

On the other hand, the characters of the cartoons are also some Christmas decorations for outdoor very appropriate for these holidays especially if it is a drawing in which the snow appears continuously. These dolls will create an exterior Christmas decoration that your children will enjoy to the fullest. These dolls can also come with built-in lights but you can also find them made of a material that lights up at night.

A snowman to make a classic decoration of the outside at Christmas

On the other hand, you can also choose a Christmas decoration for traditional exterior. The examples of this type of decoration can be the classic snowmen that you can decorate with a broom, garlands and a red vest. The good thing about these dolls is that you can make them yourself with the snow that has accumulated in the garden, but you can also find them in stores with lights incorporated inside.

The decoration of the entrance door and the veranda to receive Christmas

The outdoor Christmas decoration can also be done on the veranda of your house in front of the entrance door. In this part of the house you can place the figures, the garlands and the rest of the Christmas decoration that you want. You can also place two decorated Christmas trees on the side of the door.

Decoration of garden trees with balls

On the other hand, the garden decoration can be done by creating an outdoor Christmas tree very different from traditional trees. For that you can choose a deciduous tree and hang the balls of its branches. However, if you want to keep the traditional line of Christmas you can hang the Christmas balls of a pine if you have in the garden.

The decoration of the exterior with chandeliers with hanging bulbs

Instead, in addition to the balls you can make a Christmas decoration outside of a tree with some hanging candlesticks rolled with light bulbs. Inside the chandelier you can place a voucher and in this way the lighting will be even greater. These chandeliers can also be hung from the branches of a deciduous tree but you can also choose a pine tree.