Top 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Home At Christmas in A Simple Way 2018

Today we want to show you the most creative and modern side of Christmas decoration. We have prepared for you a selection of twenty-four images and ideas to decorate your home in Christmas in an original and simple way, do not miss the tour and take inspiration from our gallery for a minimalist decoration.

Great ideas to decorate your home in Christmas in a minimalist style

The minimalist style has a clean aesthetic that is perfect to show the beauty of the textures and colors, as well as highlight the favorite decorative art. That’s why minimalism is perfect for Christmas: the senses focus on a beautiful decoration without being overwhelming. If you decide to decorate your home taking advantage of the minimalist style you will save time and money. Keep reading to learn how to decorate your home for this holiday season.

Minimalist style Christmas decoration

To achieve the minimum effect, it may not be necessary to buy new products. The key is simplicity, use only a few items and combine them for a complete but simple look. You must choose the elements that have simple designs and styles so that each element is clearly displayed in its entirety.

Great ideas to decorate your home at Christmas in a simple way

Choose a decorative element like a reindeer and buy three equal ones to group them together. When multiplied, the normal image of a reindeer creates the illusion of fullness and allows the viewer to appreciate the art. Play with color themes. Choose one or two colors and use them on Christmas items.

Christmas decoration ideas with natural elements


Choose synthetic Christmas trees as some of these trees are equipped with lights, which gives the tree an orderly appearance. Instead of having wires hanging from the branches, these trees are designed with hidden cables. When decorating them, do it with few details and try to complement each other.

Beautiful Minimalist style Christmas decoration

We are all accustomed to seeing an abundant decoration at Christmas, and some of the most symbolic elements we can not miss. However, there are ways to incorporate traditional Christmas elements, such as wreaths, garlands , and bells into minimalist decor.

Nice homemade Christmas ornament in the shape of a star

Here are some suggestions for achieving a simple Christmas sophistication in your home. The artificial Christmas trees can also appear in different forms, so they are perfect for those people who have a geometric approach to minimalism.

Simple ideas for Christmas decoration 

However, you can make your own Christmas fir with what comes to mind. You can even draw the silhouette of a fir tree on the wall using tree branches, photographs or colored card-stock.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

The location of the Christmas tree is important. Wherever you put your artificial Christmas tree, make sure the tree is the focal point. For example, if you put a tree in the living room and there is a fireplace, keep the mantelpiece simply decorated, so that the focus of attention remains on the tree.

Original rustic style Christmas decoration

Christmas ornaments usually appear in the form of balloons, tears, spirals or diamonds. Depending on the severity of your decoration style, you can put more or less Christmas decorations on the tree.

Simple Christmas ornaments

The garland is a Christmas classic, and many people consider Christmas garlands as important as the Christmas tree. To stay within the minimalist guidelines, choose a garland that is from the same color palette, but that has an outstanding feature to it, or is made from a unique material, such as feathers, mesh, or vines.